Please call or email to confirm availability and pricing.

The minimum stay is 2 consecutive nights. Special conditions may apply to reservations for more than 7 nights and/or during high-demand periods. Please inquire at the time of booking.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

B&B Non-Refundable Reservations

  • Full payment is due at the time of booking.
  • Fully non-refundable: please ensure your travel plans are firm before booking!

B&B Regular Reservations (partially refundable; available for 2-7 nights only)

  • Full payment is due at the time of booking.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Cancellation charges:
    • 11 or more days notice: 10% of booked stay.
    • 4-10 days days notice: 50% of booked stay.
    • 3 days or less notice: 100% of booked stay.

Policy effective date: February 6, 2022